Treasure At Tampines Condo Launching Soon

Treasure at Tampines, formerly Tampines Court, is enbloc and redeveloped by Sim Lian Group. This plot of land is said to be housing more than 2000 until which is the biggest succesful enbloc ever seen. Tampines court; an oasis of tranquility. Located along Tampines street 11- Singapore, Tampines court comprises of 560 units spread across 14 blocks. Tampines is the best spot on the island suitable for families. Tampines has a rich variety of options for your kids including primary, secondary and tertiary school options. It also homes an international school; the United World College of South East Asia, Temasek Polytechnic and the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Tampines is an excellent hub for business including the Changi business park (the most extensive integrated business park in Singapore) home to IBM, Standard Chartered, DBS and Akzo Nobel.

For all your health needs, Tampines is located around multiple health facilities including The Changi General Hospital, St. Andrews community hospital, and string of various clinics and medicals. St Luke’s eldercare center provided care for the elderly, all within 500yards.

The Tampines neighborhood is self-contained having restaurants (KFC), boutiques (Block 139 Clothes shop), banks (May Bank), a community club (Tampines Changkak) and supermarkets (Tampines round market and food center). Located on the boundary of Tampines are two gems; the Quarry Park and the Bedok reservoir. Both are rich in wildlife- the Quarry park is a haven for bird watching, nature walks, and photography. Tampines has three golf courses, for those into golfing or looking to learn, in the south-east district.

The developer

To oversee our ambitious plans of development is the SIM LIAN GROUP. SIM Lian has an excellent reputation and track record (spanning
over four decades) in creating homes in Singapore. SIM Lian will be in charge of developing more than two thousand condominium units on the Tampines court. This project is set to be a twelve story building containing units that hold between one to five bedroom condos. Market watchers predict that SIM Lians breakeven cost will stand at around a staggering $1,200 per square foot (increasing DC rates factored in). SIM Lian will finish development of the project and sell the units in five years to avoid extra buyer’s stamp payments.

Why Tampines is worth investing in

Tampines is set to benefit significantly from the expansion of Changi Airport. This means the injection of visitors and potential clients.
The airport is not the only infrastructure development happening in Tampines. Plans are underway to develop new MRT station in the area. Tampines has never been this exciting.

As a buyer what benefits do I enjoy?

  • A quiet neighborhood. The Tampines community is a tranquil community
  • A variety of Hobbies and leisure activities: the quarry park, golf resorts are just a few mentions hobbies that you can take up during your stay in the Tampines.
  • Health facilities: the St Andrew community hospital, the Changi general hospital, and clinics distributed across the region will take care of your health needs
  • Child care facilities: schools ( Tampines secondary schools, Temasek Polytechnic, Kidz tree house)
  • Eldercare facilities: the st luke’s eldercare center
  • Security: the Chengak neighborhood police is always available for emergencies
  • A variety of condominium: when completed, the condominium units range from one bedroom to five bedroom options according to your budget and preference
  • Business hub: the Tampines is home to the Changi business park.