Piermont Grand EC @ Sumang Walk Coming Soon In 2019. Most Anticipated EC Not To Be Missed

Piermont Grand EC is another forthcoming ec in punggol, it’s situated between Punggol Way and Sumang Walk close to My Waterway @ Punggol, it’s strategically situated between two LRT channels namely Sumang LRT along with Nibong LRT station. The two LRT channel interlink using the Punggol LRT system to Punggol MRT station. Having Bus stop alongside LRT station makes transport considerably handy, many bus service provides you with Punggol Bus Interchange. It’s also easily connected to different expressway through Tampines Expressway into KPE or CTE which relate to each part of Singapore.

Piermont Grand, a brand new Punggol EC in Sumang Walk is manufactured by Pavo Properties Pte. Ltd.. This brand new EC in Sumang Walk possess a royal 13 cubes of 10 — 17 storey respectively. They’re believed to nest 820 houses ranging from two bedroom to 5 bedroom.

Piermont Grand EC might be the final forthcoming Punggol Executive Condominium (Punggol EC) situated at north eastern part of Singapore.

Residents of Piermont Grand EC can anytime appreciate the running and bike trails at Punggol Park Connector. The Punggol Park Connector comes finished with a foot bridge, a boardwalk and a water park for households, which brings complete joy to both young and older.

An individual can anticipate top an active lifestyle within this tranquil neighbourhood.

This brand new EC launching at Sumang Walk is situated close to The Waterway Point Shopping Centre operated by Fraser Centrepoint, situated alongside the Punggol MRT station, it’s Punggol first incorporated waterfront home with retail growth. Situated two street away, it’s the first extensive shopping mall at Punggol New Town, incorporated with a city square and a visitors’ center, where enthusiastic visitors can discover more about Punggol’s heritage. Shaw Theatres, Fair Price Finest Supermarket along with a massive childcare center will be expected to become among the anchor tenants of the mall.

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Want to Learn about Home Mortgages Even Before Visit The Van Holland Showflat?

Do you think that it’s difficult looking for the ideal mortgage loan? So continue reading so as to discover some valuable strategies for directing you to the ideal mortgage.

Location map where the Van Holland showflat is at!

Whenever you are thinking of buying a property be it new condo or resale home, beside the price of the house, you will have to consider how much you can borrow from the banks as a mortgage loan. One point to take note is that, do not rush into committed with 1 banker. Always have at least 3 banks rates and the packages they are offering. While some banks can offer the lowest rate, but the lock in period might be longer. So you need to balance the lock in tenure. Take for instance, during the visit to the Van Holland showflat near the Holland Village, whilst arriving, there are a few bankers eager to stuff their name card to me. So i will study with them on the bundles deal that they can offer and study them before any commitment since it is not a small amount. 1 small unit easily can cost $1,000,000 and above!

To be certain you get the best rate on your mortgage, examine your credit score report carefully. Lenders will make you a deal based on your credit rating, so if there are any issues on your own credit report, be certain that you fix them before you shop for a mortgage.

Don’t sign up with the first mortgage lender that you encounter. You should shop around a little to be certain the rate you’re being offered is fair and competitive.

Decrease your debt and don’t take new debts as you’re working your way through the mortgage process. When you’ve got a good deal of debt, you will probably not be approved for a mortgage in any respect. Carrying debt could cost you a whole lot of cash via increased mortgage prices.

If your paperwork is all over the place and perplexing, then you will just make the whole mortgage process that much longer. Do yourself and your creditor a favor and put your financial documents in order before making any appointments.

Lenders use a debt to income ratio to confirm that you have the ability to manage a mortgage. A general guideline is 36 percent of your gross income ought to be available to cover all your monthly costs, including your mortgage payment.

Get ready for a house mortgage before looking for a new residence. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect home, just to learn that you can not get approved for a mortgage. By becoming pre-approved, you understand precisely how much you can afford. Furthermore, your offer will be attractive to a vendor.

Possess the necessary documents prepared. There are a couple of documents you will be expected to have if you come to get a house mortgage.

You definitely should do some comparison shopping. There are a whole lot of different mortgage rates and deals on the market, so stopping at only one can mean wasting thousands of dollars over the life span of your mortgage.

If your evaluation is not sufficient, try again. You can’t order another appraisal or choose the appraiser the creditor uses, but you might dispute the initial one or go to another lender. If you feel the first appraiser is wrong, try another lender with, hopefully, a much better appraiser.

It is a short term loan and will be refinanced whenever the term is up. This is risky because of potential increases in rates or harmful changes to your financial wellbeing.

Don’t change financial institutions or transfer any cash as you’re in the process of obtaining a loan approved. If there are large deposits or cash has been moved around a good deal, the lender is going to have a great deal of questions about that. If you do not have a good reason for this, you might end up getting your loan refused.

Shop around for a mortgage broker that’s a fantastic fit for you. Bear in mind that you’re going to embark on a decades-long relationship with this creditor, so you need to feel entirely comfortable managing the business. Do a little online research, read testimonials, start looking for lenders with excellent BBB ratings. As soon as you’ve sorted out a couple of call and/or see their offices. Apply together and see if you can find a letter of pre-approval in the lender you finally settle on.

Now that you have read through this very helpful information, you’re ready to go out there and find the home mortgage loan that best suits you. There’s absolutely not any need to take whatever comes your way. You’re able to pick and choose, and that choice may wind up saving or costing you money.

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Kent Ridge Hill Residences By Oxley

Situated in District 5, it’s walking distance to Pasir Panjang MRT and is just a couple of minutes drive to city, NUS, Mapletree Business City (MBC) and the CBD. Kent Ridge Hill Residences is located in Pasir Panjang and can benefit from the authorities masterplan in the Greater Southern Waterfront City.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Condo Near Pasir Panjang

The City Terminals in Tanjong Pagar and Keppel and Pasir Panjang port terminals have been slated to proceed to Tuas so inhabitants will be benefited by the transformation of this region in Pasir Panjang. Together with the freed area, the government can execute their strategies. The Greater Southern Waterfront City region, when freed up could be broader and bigger than the Marina South Area because it crosses the region adjacent to this Marina South Area, all of the way towards the Pasir Panjang terminal place. The Government’s strategy to move the vents from Tanjong Pagar and Pasir Panjang into Tuas to make way was put to alter the Pasir Panjang, together with residential, commercial, cultural and entertainment centers opening. Residents of Kent Ridge Hill Residences are going to have the ability to dwell in a environment near.

Along South Buona Vista Road

Kent Ridge Hill Residences is situated along South Bouna Vista Road and is easily available to West Coast Highway along with AYE. As stated in this article the development may also benefit from the South Waterfront City masterplan. There are lots of transportation choices in that region which may bring residents into One North, NUS and Mapletree Business City and to the Central Business District.

Some of those malls that are local have been Alexandra Retail Centre and Vivocity. For nature lovers, you might explore the parks like Kent Ridge Park and Hort Park. This project is ideal for residents who desire greenery and a fresh air away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Developer of Kent Ridge Hill

Oxley holdings, the developer accountable for Kent Ridge Hill Residences condo, is a land growing company that has been set in Singapore. They are primarily involved with land development investment and land improvement I their line of business.

The team does not concentrate on land improvement like Kent Ridge Hill Residences just; it also provides consultancy services and land management in Myanmar. In earlier times they’ve worked on industrial, residential and commercial jobs. These property improvements solely rely on particular components like preferred layouts, desirable lifestyle characteristics, and prime places. They’ve been able to attain such a massive success as a result of their comprehension of this current market and the tendencies.

Within their expansion travel, they’ve worked with reputable regional companies in addition to global programmers. For example, back in 2013, the business purchased 20% stake in Galliard restricted which is among the greatest home developers in the united kingdom. The business deals with hospitality, management and property growth and oversees various property improvements across south England and London. Oxley also gained 40% stocks in Pindan Group restricted that’s an integrated job firm located in Australia and 15% stocks in united engineers an engineering and land development firm here in Singapore which has been pioneered in 1912.

Ever since the invention of Oxley, the powerful team comprising experts have been able to work on several projects with enormous breakthroughs. Their achievement is completely credited to excellence within their service delivery. From what they’ve done previously, you can make certain your investment from the Kent Ridge Hill Residences is worth your own resources.

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Treasure At Tampines Condo Launching Soon

Treasure at Tampines, formerly Tampines Court, is enbloc and redeveloped by Sim Lian Group. This plot of land is said to be housing more than 2000 until which is the biggest succesful enbloc ever seen. Tampines court; an oasis of tranquility. Located along Tampines street 11- Singapore, Tampines court comprises of 560 units spread across 14 blocks. Tampines is the best spot on the island suitable for families. Tampines has a rich variety of options for your kids including primary, secondary and tertiary school options. It also homes an international school; the United World College of South East Asia, Temasek Polytechnic and the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Tampines is an excellent hub for business including the Changi business park (the most extensive integrated business park in Singapore) home to IBM, Standard Chartered, DBS and Akzo Nobel.

For all your health needs, Tampines is located around multiple health facilities including The Changi General Hospital, St. Andrews community hospital, and string of various clinics and medicals. St Luke’s eldercare center provided care for the elderly, all within 500yards.

The Tampines neighborhood is self-contained having restaurants (KFC), boutiques (Block 139 Clothes shop), banks (May Bank), a community club (Tampines Changkak) and supermarkets (Tampines round market and food center). Located on the boundary of Tampines are two gems; the Quarry Park and the Bedok reservoir. Both are rich in wildlife- the Quarry park is a haven for bird watching, nature walks, and photography. Tampines has three golf courses, for those into golfing or looking to learn, in the south-east district.

The developer

To oversee our ambitious plans of development is the SIM LIAN GROUP. SIM Lian has an excellent reputation and track record (spanning
over four decades) in creating homes in Singapore. SIM Lian will be in charge of developing more than two thousand condominium units on the Tampines court. This project is set to be a twelve story building containing units that hold between one to five bedroom condos. Market watchers predict that SIM Lians breakeven cost will stand at around a staggering $1,200 per square foot (increasing DC rates factored in). SIM Lian will finish development of the project and sell the units in five years to avoid extra buyer’s stamp payments.

Why Tampines is worth investing in

Tampines is set to benefit significantly from the expansion of Changi Airport. This means the injection of visitors and potential clients.
The airport is not the only infrastructure development happening in Tampines. Plans are underway to develop new MRT station in the area. Tampines has never been this exciting.

As a buyer what benefits do I enjoy?

  • A quiet neighborhood. The Tampines community is a tranquil community
  • A variety of Hobbies and leisure activities: the quarry park, golf resorts are just a few mentions hobbies that you can take up during your stay in the Tampines.
  • Health facilities: the St Andrew community hospital, the Changi general hospital, and clinics distributed across the region will take care of your health needs
  • Child care facilities: schools ( Tampines secondary schools, Temasek Polytechnic, Kidz tree house)
  • Eldercare facilities: the st luke’s eldercare center
  • Security: the Chengak neighborhood police is always available for emergencies
  • A variety of condominium: when completed, the condominium units range from one bedroom to five bedroom options according to your budget and preference
  • Business hub: the Tampines is home to the Changi business park.

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5 Simple Tips To Keep Good Tenants

With the gradual downhill of leasing markets, good tenants are now being considered as rare unicorns capable of pooping rainbows and butterflies. With the rental market getting weaker, some landlords could even be thinking that a good tenant’s value is a lot higher than gold, or even at least a child. It is a landlord’s biggest nightmare to lose a tenant, and there are few practical ways to keep good tenants:

  1. Don’t just treat your tenants like cash cows

Make an appearance even if the rent is not yet in due. Avoid being the dreaded landlady or landlord commonly portrayed on soap operas- the ones who only show up to collect rents to whom the protagonist is always scared of. You don’t want to be the migraine-causing villain, the flaring up hemorrhoids, the annoying flu. (Although you might want to become one if the tenants themselves are annoying as well). If you want to get into your tenant’s good side, you can do these simple things:

Send greeting cards whenever’s appropriate. Or even a call.

Ask them how are they doing. There could be times you’ll bump one another along the hall. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they are fine, and at least, check their situations if they are feeling uncomfortable or not. Develop a good relationship. You can even tell them what’s upcoming for new condo like the Margaret Ville at https://www.margaret-ville.com.sg

Or maybe you can meet them yourself and not just wait for the opportunity to meet them elsewhere coincidentally.

These not only help minimize disputes but also help in creating a healthy and civil landlord-tenant relationship.

  1. The tenant might want you to be more practical- stop renovating.

Imagine yourself as a tenant on twenties, tight on a budget yet wants to enjoy things once in a while. You busy yourself on usual nights buy just letting time pass away, reminiscing how many feel like on the top of your palms.

Which could turn you a little bit merrier?

A cupboard of instant noodles?

Video games to lighten up the life a little bit?

Parquet flooring?

But can you even picture out the cost of parquet flooring compared to those two? Expensive renovations aren’t always the answer to make your tenants happier. Perhaps you can focus on smaller things like Xbox as they are more affordable and can be fun.

  1. Reward good tenants

Perhaps, it’s not about you… it could be about them being a problem. Maybe they get too familiar with you and your kindness, or for just whatever reason, they became a little late when it comes to paying the bill, or less caring of the house that they usually were. This needs to be stopped.

Give positive reinforcements to make good tenants stay as good tenants. Perhaps you can give them a discount if they paid earlier than due – like a hundred dollar discount. You can also give them gifts to show how much you appreciate them –  like a basket of fruits, for good upkeep. Make them feel like a special tenant; this will elevate your status.

  1. Give them a bonus for making renewals

This can be similar to number 2, but this time, take it for the renewal of the lease. And just like point 2, it doesn’t have to cost much.

Maybe you can “gift” them things that can be very useful at home- rice cookers, vacuum cleaner, a drone. If you know the interest of your tenants, that would be better. Or if you have upgrading plans in the future, perhaps you can ask the tenants for their opinions and suggestions.

And the ultimate renewal incentive will be, of course, lowering of rental rates. But that would be an expensive gift.

  1. Be flexible.

Probably, this is the most significant point on the list. A good tenant will not leave if they find a good landlord, and a good landlord is a flexible landlord. For instance, your tenants are not allowed to utilize the kitchen because you would rather not risk your house turn into ashes. It can be the rule on normal days, but at least let loose of the days with occasions (birthday party, etc.). Or maybe allow them to party beyond 11 pm even if they are normally not allowed to do so, as long as they are not disturbing anyone from the neighborhood.

Be approachable. And being approachable still means, being flexible. Do not treat your tenancy business as a religious doctrine- unbent and unbroken. Let them know that your agreement is an ongoing agreement.


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Why Hire a Maid in Your House

Are you tired of constantly visiting the laundry shop to wash your dirty clothes? Or do you want someone to cook your meals instead of eating take-out foods from restaurants? Well, it’s about time that you hire yourself a maid. Some homeowners see it as an additional expense but if you tend to consider the advantages that you’ll have if you get a maid from a trustworthy maid agency like http://maidcity.com.sg, then you’ll know that it will be all worth it.

Attend all of your needs

A maid could do your laundry, cook your meals, take care of the kids, clean the house, maintain the garden, and be a gatekeeper while you are away from home. If you tend to hire, you can rest assured that all of your needs is being taken care of. All the things you could ever need, they can give it to you.

Take care of your kids

You know too well that you aren’t allowed to bring your kids at work. And if you do not have a trusted friend or close relative to look after them, you should consider getting a maid. In that way, they can make sure that your kid is properly being taken care of. You will have a peace of mind that your child will be able to eat properly when you leave the house.

Suits your standards

Do you have a specific ingredient that you are allergic to? If you are having a hard time ordering foods in the restaurant because you are trying to avoid your allergy, then you should get a maid who can cook food that you are allowed to it. They make sure that their services are tailored to what you really need and suit your standards. They will soon learn the things that you want and don’t want. In that way, you will be able to receive the kind of service that you really need. Customized service is something maids can offer without hesitation since she will be serving your household from now on.

They will try to satisfy all your needs

The main goal of maids is keeping their employer happy and satisfied. Therefore, they would make sure that they do not just clean the house, they make sure that you are satisfied with the way they clean. They do not just take care of your kids. They make sure that your kids like them and are comfortable with their presence while you are away. They do not just cook your meals. They make sure that you will like them after a hard day’s work. In short, maids only focus on not just what you need but what you want as well.

The aforementioned benefits of hiring a maid are very important for people who have busy schedules. You have so much advantage if you have a maid in your house who will attend to all you needs. You just have to invest time and effort in hiring a maid so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

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How different is your house with a maid

A maid is a domestic worker that has more than one work. Remember that they are the one that helps the parents manage their family and their home. The home of a family is very important because that is where the family is staying at and if it the home isn’t in good condition then it can be dangerous for the family. That is why when you hire a maid it can make a positive difference not only for your family but also your home and here is how.

Woman holding a sponge and spray bottle
Well maintained – When it comes to hiring a maid the great thing that the maid can do to your house is that your house will look well maintained. This would mean that there is less for you to deal because any minor things that need to be fixed or repaired the maid can do it for you. Also, they can inform you if they would need professional help if it goes beyond their line of work.

Very clean home – Another difference that a maid can do to your home is that there will be deep cleaning going on. Deep cleaning would mean that rather than let dirt or dust be as it is in your house, the maid will make sure that it will be taken out so that your house will be clean. This kind of work ethic for the maid can go well in the bathroom especially if there are molds that need to be cleaned away.

Healthy environment to live in – This might be the greatest difference that a maid can do to your home and that turns it into a healthy environment for you to live in. There are after all times when a house isn’t cleaned or even cleaned that it isn’t safe anymore to live in because the dust can cause serious health problems for your family. That is why if you are a busy parent then better hire a maid so that you can come home to a healthy home.

Organized – So that you wouldn’t get mad about trying to find certain things in your home and create havoc in it, all things in your home will be well-organized thanks to the help of your maid. With an organized home, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding anything at all because you would be able to find it and use it for your benefit and it is thanks to the maid.

Looks brand new – You might not believe it but this is sort of true because since you have a maid that can clean for you and do simple repair your house would always look brand new and well maintained. Remember that a maid would be the first one to tell you if something is wrong or if there is a way for the maid to fix it so that you wouldn’t need to hire professional help.

Now you know that when you do hire a maid there will be a huge difference that can come to your house especially when it comes to the cleaning. It can’t be helped after all that part of the job of the maid isn’t just to help you manage your family but also to clean your home so that there wouldn’t be any healthy issues because of too much dust. So, if ever you want your home to be an amazing place to live in then start hiring a maid because it will be worth it.

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Why is a maid service worth it?

It may not seem like it is worth it now, but hiring a live-in maid to care and clean for your household would be a great idea. This is because the services that such a maid can provide can be varied. They would be able to offer complete and regular cleaning services that would leave your home spotless. You would never again have to deal with the problems of dirty laundry or a messy home if you had a housemaid working for you. And there are many more services, which maids provide. And all of their services would mean that paying for a maid service, would be worth it.

They will not only clean up after you, they would also cook for you as well. For anyone that has trouble finding the time to prepare a proper meal at home, you should think about hiring a maid. You would not have to ever set foot in the kitchen again to get a home-cooked meal. Maids can do all of the cooking for you. You could have a delicious hot meal waiting for you in the morning, noon and night, as long as you hired a maid to cook for you. And not only will they be able to cook for you, they could also clean and wash the dirty dishes after you are done eating. And this would make your life so much easier and more relaxed.

Another service that makes paying for a maid, worth it, is that they can also care for your children. If you are a parent, then you must have a maid to act as a nanny for your kids. The maid will make sure that your kids are provided with care for the whole day. This could be especially useful if you have got to work a job and cannot be there for your children. You could just go out and leave the care of your children to your maids. The maid will make sure that your kids will not go hungry or hurt themselves.

Maids can also provide care for elderly and ill people as well. Those kinds of people need the services of a maid to care for them. As they cannot take care or clean up after themselves. With the services of a maid, they would have someone to watch over them all of the time. The maid can then cook and clean for those people when they need to.

All of these services surely make it worth hiring a maid. A maid service would definitely be something that would be of much value to you. You could end up with having a lot more free time.

And you may also live a more relaxed life if you hired a maid. Look for a maid through a service, such as Maidcity. A maid that you get from them would mean that you could find one that would suit your preferences. And you could get a lot done in your household if you had a maid service.

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Why hire a lot when you can hire a maid

Have you ever faced a dilemma about if you should just hire a maid or people to do specific work on your home? If you have then you should know that a maid’s work is more than what it seems. A made, after all, is the one that helps you manage your household and take care of your family. That is why if you have to choose then better choose to hire a maid and here are even other reasons as to why you should do it.

All around work – When it comes to hiring a maid then you can bet that you have an employee that does an all-around work. This would mean that you have one person to do countless housework from cooking to cleaning. Rather than hiring different people for the job you would only need one which can be a good thing especially if your home is just a good size and there isn’t a lot of work that needs to be done.

Less salary expense – This might be the great thing about hiring a maid and that is there is less salary expense. The work of a maid is after all, all around and since you would only need one maid then you would be able to spend less on salary compared to having a lot of workers to do specific work because if that happens then your salary expense will increase. That is why with the all-around work of the maid you would be able to save from salary expense.

Few people in the house – Another great thing about hiring a maid is that you would only need one person to help you manage your home. This way your house wouldn’t be over populated because the maid is the entire worker and help you would need. Also, you would be able to save money when you hire only one worker to help you. That is why if you need the help, you should hire a maid.

Quality work received – This might be the great thing about hiring a maid and that is with just one worker you would be able to receive quality work. Remember that though there is an advantage when hiring specific people for specific work there is a disadvantage to it as well compared to only hiring a maid. That is why if you want to make sure that your house wouldn’t be hectic and you want the work to be done professionally then hire a maid.

Now you know that rather than hiring a lot of people to do specific work you can just hire one maid to do it all. You don’t have to worry about anything because the specific work of a maid is to cook and clean that is why you would only need them to help you manage your home and your family. Also with just one maid, you would be able to save from salary expense that is why if you have to choose from hiring a lot of people compared to just hiring a maid then better just go with the maid.

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